Factors depend upon calculation of car insurance premium

Factors depend upon calculation of car insurance premium

Vehicle insurance also known as car insurance, used to provide financial protection to the vehicle  against any physical injury and vehicle damages to the car which results due to accident or traffic collision.

The car insurance also offers finance to the vehicle for some extents like theft of car and any other damages to car other than traffic accidents. Everyone should pay premium to their cars. Different premium charges for different vehicle insurance. The greater.

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How much is car insurance?

Risk involved during an accident of your car or vehicle been stolen, you can claim the greater amount from the insurer. How much is car insurance? You can find someone having very expensive car has to pay more premium than the cheaper car.

A person with years of driving experience can pay very low premium when compared to other drivers because an experienced person will face lower risk of accidents. The insurers set the premium pay of your vehicle depending upon these factors.

The premium amount can be determined from analyzing the current market trends of car insurance. The insurer will calculate the premium amount depending upon the age and gender; analyze the risk factors faced by different group people.


The gender is an important factor in calculating the premium amount. But in Europe’s court of justice told that for calculating premium the gender is not an important factor to be considered, as the women drivers are less likely to get accidents.

Till now, the female drivers are rewarded with low premium compared to men. But in future, it has to be treated seriously as both genders should pay equal amount of premium.

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Age included in calculating the premium amount, the aged drivers pay low premium because they have years of experience in driving. But the younger drivers have less experience and in future may tend to involve in any accidents. People those who live in crime areas, needs to pay more premiums.

The insurers will amount your account due to higher risks involved, of your car may being stolen or damaged.

Some steps involved in lowest pay of premium

How much is car insurance? When you buy new car, the car insurance calculator will gives you the average price of premium expect to pay. But in real, the premium might be higher. The high level premium can be brought down with some steps. When you opt for lower level of coverage, it will results in cheaper insurance.

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Three levels of car insurance cover are fire and theft, third party and complete cover. Among the above three the cheapest is the “third party”. If an accident occurs, the insurer will pay only for the damages that caused to the third party and his property.

It will not cover the driver, the accident caused due to fire or severe damage of own vehicles or stolen. Since the third party cover may be the cheapest option, when you involved in an accident you have to pay more amount to repair your own car, as this is a false economy.

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